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Muslim video is a completely 100% FREE . We invite you to browse the website with your family members, your colleagues and your Non-Muslim friends.
MuslimVideo is a website connecting the Muslims of the west with the Muslims of the east, Muslim Video is unique of its kind, our visitors are from all over the world, In MuslimVideo we are using the power of internet and technology to play the role of bridge among different Muslim ethnicities and between Muslims and Non-Muslims as well.
All of our services are provided in both languages English and Arabic.
Muslim video includes Video sharing website with tens of thousands of videos, Free Islamic online tv of more than 90 live Islamic channels and radio stations, Best Free online games in the net, Classifieds service for the Muslim world, Top Islamic websites directory in English and Arabic.
Inshallah We will be adding more services to the site ( video resumes, Mobile services, and more..)
What we want from you is to spread the word with all your friends Muslims and Non-Muslims for the benefit.

- Watch Online Live TV for FREE , World Wide Islamic channels (Alhekmah, AlMajd, Alresalah, Alhekmah, wesal, alfajr, Saudi tv, Almanar, Peace tv, Alhudah tv, Islam Channel, Discover, Press tv, Saudi 2, share Islam, Ramdan tv, & many more)
- Upload, Broadcast and Share your Islamic videos for FREE, Import videos from other Websites (youtube, google, brightcove, guba.. and more..). Create your own group, own channel and much more.


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